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Vanguard Mechanical provides Complete Mechanical Contracting services throughout the Lower Mainland. This includes, but is not limited to plumbing, gas fitting, HVAC services, fire sprinklers, mechanical insulation, fire stopping, and controls. The core of our business is focused on new construction of multi-family residential projects that often include commercial retail spaces.

Through our list of contacts and partners (sub-trades), we make a general contractor’s life much easier by helping them manage their complex projects by encompassing a massive part of a project’s scope.

Everyone at Vanguard Mechanical is proud to work here because we all know that what we do positively affects the communities around us. We play an intrinsic role in providing safe and quality mechanical systems for homeowners and businesses alike. We deliver quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and timely project completion with reliable and predictable results.

We are acutely aware that we work in a highly competitive industry, with many companies offering similar services like ours. That being said, we are always evolving and changing along with the new technologies being presented to us every day and applying it to our projects where possible and beneficial.

We seek to build long-term relationships in our industry. We value a proactive team approach to every project and believe that a satisfied customer is everyone’s success.

We believe this, in large, sets us apart from the rest.

Jacob Kuehne, Director, Senior Project Manager.

Jacob Kuehne, Director, Vanguard Mechanical

I began Vanguard Mechanical together with my wife, Candice, in 2005, but my career began in 1996, as a full-time plumber. Growing up on the job site alongside my father and grandfather is most likely why I chose this industry, but my being able to work alongside my wife, together supporting our children, our employees and their family is what today motivates me to come to work every day.

Professional Qualifications: I completed my red seal in plumbing and gas fitting at BCIT, and hold a certificate in hydronic design by TECA. I also have my gold seal certification in project management from the Canadian Construction Association. But education is a lifetime process. Which is why I’m always learning new things on and off the job site, including regularly upgrading my skills through the many training courses offered by the Mechanical Contractors Association and the Vancouver Regional Construction Association, where I’m a proud member of both.

My official title is owner and operator of Vanguard Mechanical. My responsibilities include project procurement, project management, estimating, and supporting all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on in every company. But the backbone of this company is built on the solid relationships I maintain with my staff, customers, suppliers, and, sub-trades.

Mathew Freeborn, Director, Construction Manager.

Mathew Freeborn, Director, Vanguard Mechanical

I am an owner/operator at Vanguard Mechanical, having been with the company since 2012. I have been a fulltime plumber since 1998. My career allows me to build communities for people, communities that contribute to people who come from all walks of life. One of my proudest accomplishments is having worked on some of the first LEED-certified housing done in the lower mainland.

Professional Qualifications: I earned my red seal certification in plumbing and gas fitting at BCIT, and hold a certificate in HVAC design by TECA. I’m a proud member of the MCA and the VRCA. I’m currently pursuing my boiler contractor’s license. One of my professional goals is to consistently grow Vanguard beyond what it was the day before.

My official title is Owner / Operator. One of my primary responsibilities is ensuring that our sites meet the schedules of the builders. Part of this, for example, involves allocating our manpower throughout our various sites.

Candice Kuehne, Director.

Candice Kuehne, Administrative Assistant, Vanguard Mechanical

I began working with Vanguard Mechanical together with my husband, Jacob, in 2005, when we founded the company. Developing this company alongside my husband is one of our proudest achievements. I can remember back when this company was run out of our tiny apartment – just him, I, and two other employees. Our family has grown to over 85 people since then. We all love it here, and we all enjoy seeing each other grow together, whether that’s earning our red seals to getting married and having babies.

Professional Qualifications: I’ve taken various courses through the MCA and the VRCA, as well as some small business courses through Small Business B.C. However, a lot of my experience comes from trial by fire! I’ve had my hands in nearly every aspect of this company at some point. When we first began I took care of Human Resources, payroll, and performed my share of cold calls. But Vanguard has grown since then, and I’ve taken a step back from all that.

My official title is Director. My responsibilities include decisions about staffing, investments, and, most importantly, planning the fun stuff like events. I feel that internal event planning is undoubtedly necessary because it provides our staff and their families an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, and a chance to connect on something other than work.

Ed Kuehne, Senior Superintendent.

Ed Kuehne, Site Forman, Vanguard Mechanical

I’m a seasoned tradesman who’s been with Vanguard Mechanical for a very long time. My father was a plumber, which makes me a second-generation plumber. When I was 6 he showed me how to install lead pipe joints and shower bases. Needless to say, my dad has heavily influenced my career choice. Outside of work I actively study trigger point therapy, take sailing courses, and am considering taking a Total Station Robotics course.

Professional Qualifications: I’m a Journeyman Plumber, certified in 1981. Since 2002 I’ve been certified IGSHPA Geo-Thermal, and am certified by Weil – Maclean VHE Heating and Water Group for water treatment and Novatek Pumps.

My official title is Senior Superintendent. I mentor entry-level apprentices and provide in-depth guidance for our staff. I really love what I do, and take particular pride in precision work, which is something we do a lot of at Vanguard.

Jeff Lawrance, Project Manager / Estimator.

Jeff Lawrance, Project Coordinator, Vanguard Mechanical

I’ve been working with Vanguard Mechanical since 2014 but began my career in plumbing as a wholesaler in 2002. In 2003 I crossed over to construction where my plumbing apprenticeship began. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with my wife, our three kids, 2 cats, and 1 dog – I’m busy! But I always find time to work on my vegetable garden and getting my kids to and from soccer practice, horse riding, and mountain biking.

Professional Qualifications: I completed my red seal certification in plumbing and gas fitting at PVC. I’m part of the MCA and the VRCA and constantly participate in many of the training courses offered through them.My

My official titles are Project Manager and Estimator. Most of my work tends to be done at the office where I can focus on estimating and managing many of the behind-the-scenes activities. I bring experience in logistics, safety coordination, and material purchasing/handling to the table, working directly with everyone from our suppliers to our builders. Lastly, I work very closely with Project Managers, assisting them when needed. A few of my specific responsibilities include document control, maintaining the database detailing who’s on site, site expenses, team coordination, project scheduling, and compliance.

Colton Carosella, Project Coordinator.

My plumbing career started when Vanguard Mechanical took me on as an apprentice in 2014. With their support, I had the pleasure of completing my Plumbing Red Seal certification in 2018. I have been given great opportunity to continuously learn and grow here at Vanguard.

Professional qualifications: I am proud to be Red Seal certified in Plumbing as well as hold a Gas fitter Level B ticket, both achieved through BCIT. Looking now to continue with Project Management courses to further my personal skill set as well as Vanguard’s growth.

My official title is Project Coordinator. I support our on-site foreman and project managers through various behind the scenes tasks, such as document control, communication with general contractors and combing blueprints to provide cost-saving solutions.

Max Mehr, Project Coordinator.

I started with Vanguard Mechanical in 2013 as an apprentice. As a newcomer to this great country, Vanguard gave me an opportunity to re-enter the construction industry in which I have had years of experience in and related postgraduate education. After some Journeyman experience, I was promoted to a Site Foreman where I managed a crew in North Vancouver and now work at our head office as a Project Coordinator.

Professional Qualifications: In 2017, I completed my Plumbing Red Seal certification as well as my Gas fitter Level B ticket at BCIT.

My official title is Project Coordinator. I work closely with the Senior Project Manager and my responsibilities include; assisting with issuing, tracking and managing RFIs, shop drawings, purchase orders, change orders, subcontracts and document control. I also review site instructions and coordinate communications between head office, job sites, clients, suppliers and sub-trades.

Josh Olinoski, Site Foreman.

Josh Olinoski, Site Foreman, Vanguard Mechanical

I began working with Vanguard Mechanical in 2012, but I began my professional career building custom homes in 2009.

Professional Qualifications: I’m working towards my red seal. I’ve attended PVC, and am a proud member of the MCA and the VRCA. One of my biggest professional influences is my boss, Mathew. He’s always providing me with inspiration and a better understanding of work delegation and project scope.

My official title is Site Foreman. My specific responsibilities include having familiarity with the building plans and its budget, monitor and maintain the project’s construction schedule, maintain OSHA, and ensure “as-built” drawings are prepared on an ongoing basis by everyone. In short, I make sure that my job site is running smoothly, on schedule, and that my coworkers are provided with everything that they need.

Daniel Gosal, Financial Controller.

Daniel Gosal, Financial Controller, Vanguard Mechanical

I began working as a Junior Accountant in 2006, and have been with Vanguard Mechanical since 2007. The biggest influence in my life is my family. I learned the value of hard work from my parents. Creating systems which make people’s work-lives easier is hard work, and that’s part of why I love my career. And the rest of my family, including my wife, son, and dog, keep me on track and motivated.

Professional Qualifications: I hold a Financial Diploma in Accounting from BCIT. I’ve also taken various construction related courses from the VRCA and the MCABC. I’m also currently completing my BBA in Accounting.

My official title is Financial Controller. I’m in charge of the full-cycle accounting system. This includes managing government reporting, contract management, financial statements, payroll AP, AR, etc.

P.S., I am a HUGE Canucks fan!

Lauren Boyes, Human Resources.

Lauren Boyes, HR.

I began working with Vanguard Mechanical in 2018 as their Human Resources Representative and Administrator. I developed a strong work ethic from my parents and have a passion for helping and supporting others, which is what initially drew me to this field of work. My amazing daughter, husband and dog (my other daughter) motivate me to do my best and be as grateful and happy as possible every day.

In the first portion of my professional career, I got a variety of business experience, mainly in HR, within several different industries. Since 2008, I have worked in the construction industry only, which I have enjoyed the most by far.

Professional Qualifications: I hold a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Psychology and Business as well as a Business Management Diploma. I’ve also taken various HR and counseling courses from SFU and a number of safety-related training.

My official title is Human Resources/Administration. My day to day responsibilities mainly involve; information management, personnel records, benefits administration, internal programs, employee support, advising on legislation/policies & procedures, booking inspections and the maintenance of ITA apprenticeships. Others areas of responsibility include company HR strategy, recruiting, development & training, communication and organizational development.

Nick Trottier, Site Foreman.

I began plumbing full-time in 2008, both beginning and completing my apprenticeship with Vanguard Mechanical in 2013. What I enjoy most about this career is that I can work with my hands, directly contributing to the community and projects through hard work.

Professional Qualifications: I am red seal certified and have my gas fitting level B from BCIT. I also have 4 previous years of experience steam-fitting in the energy sector. I’m currently working on my blue seal, and take part in the courses offered through the MCA and the VRCA. I’ve had many career influences, including Dave Carlson, Ed Kuehne, Troy Macatocker, and indirect influence through the Plumbing and Energy industry. But, most notably, I wouldn’t be plumbing without Jacob’s help. He gave me the opportunity to develop my skills further, teaching me what it takes to be successful in this industry.

My official title is Site Foreman. My responsibilities include coordinating the work of multiple crews. Some specific responsibilities include having familiarity with the building plans and its budget, monitor and maintain the project’s construction schedule, maintain OSHA, and ensure “as-built” drawings are prepared on an ongoing basis by everyone. What I do is manage front-line manpower, material, safety, inspections, and schedules.

Andrew Vanoene, Quality Control Manager.

Andrew Vanoene Vanguard Mechanical

Hi, my name is Andrew Vanoene. I am excited about the opportunity that has been extended to me by here Vanguard Mechanical, that of Quality Control Manager. I have been blessed to have three wonderful children and pride myself on teaching them honesty, respect and a strong work ethic – the core of professional success.

Professional Qualifications: I began working the plumbing trade on residential housing installation projects in 1993. I later moved on to multi-residential projects, completing my full apprenticeship and obtaining my gas fitters license. I officially became a Foreman in 2006 and began working with larger crews. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time working in service plumbing with the B.C provincial courts and on high and low-rise commercial installations. Over my career, I have developed high standards of workmanship and look forward to extending those into the Quality Control Program for Vanguard Mechanical Ltd.

My Official title is Quality Control Manager. One of my major responsibilities is to ensure the continued success of the people that make up Vanguard and the company’s continued expansion. My role in this is to contribute to a successful team, and the goal is for Vanguard to remain a respected leader in our industry for many years to come.

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